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Infinite Dreams — Thoughts from a sojourner

Thoughts from a sojourner

lists, things, cannot, there, trees, planted, everything, heart, doing, something, seeing, results, sweat, myself, paper, changed, people, worked, place, think, miles, times, forest, posted, comments, categories, uncategorized, background, youre, change, youve, details, going, looking, strong, yourself, sleep, youll, right, onward, chart, ready, chorus, scared, cower, nervous, requiem, across, telling, world, choir, singing, sending, priest, story, laughter, separated, tears, bearers, stand, carry, resting, hoping, nothing, angels, calling, water, flame, touch, apart, taste, remember, smell, words, iodine, seems, moment, table, having, drink, everyone, dance, really, asked, thanks, recent, stories, gentleman, friend, redhead, found, thought, point, smiled, laura, excited, talking, small, ireland, making, looked, village, glasses, lenses, crafter, finest, imperfections, uncategorized tags, tags sean, chorus wont, wont wont, wont hide, hide scared, scared strong, strong wont, wont cower, nervous ready, ready chart, singing requiem, requiem sending, sending sleep, sleep priest, priest telling, telling story, tears pall, pall bearers, stand ready, ready carry, carry onward, onward resting, resting place, place dawn, chorus used, used choirs, calling name, name used, used wind, wind water, flame used, used touch, touch miles, miles apart, taste kiss, cannot remember, lens crafter, pair glasses, categories uncategorized tags, uncategorized tags sean, chorus wont wont, wont wont hide, wont hide scared, hide scared strong, scared strong wont, strong wont wont, wont wont cower, wont cower nervous, cower nervous ready, nervous ready chart, choir singing requiem, singing requiem sending, requiem sending sleep, sending sleep priest, sleep priest telling, priest telling story, telling story laughter, separated tears pall, tears pall bearers, pall bearers stand, bearers stand ready, stand ready carry, ready carry onward, carry onward resting, onward resting place, resting place dawn, chorus used choirs, used choirs angels, angels calling name, calling name used, name used wind, used wind water, wind water flame, water flame used, flame used touch, used touch miles, touch miles apart,

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