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Kunming Yulong Optics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufactures of optical coatings and optical filters processing in China. Our products include AR coating filters, Bandpass Filters, Edge filters, Longpass Filters, beamspliters and so on. Our company were established in 1999, the plant area cover more than 1,200 square meters and the total investment were more than 2 million dollars. Our factory located in Kunming, Yunnan National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. We had passed the ISO9001 certification. In September 8, 2006 ,tested by SGS, our products completely comply with RoHS standard of the Europe. Also,we are the believable member of Alibaba,which is best B2B web of the world. We have five precious vacuum coating machines which vacuum chamber from 700mm to 1300mm. And two sets of spectrophotometer(UV-VIS-NIR Shimadzu UV3150) which is imported from Japan. And we have complete glass/lens cleaning, processing and inspection equipments,such as Ultrasonic Cleaners with 12 sinks,grinding/cutting machines.Yulong Optics Co. Ltd has much experiences on filters design and producing.We can design and making various types of filters according to customer requirements. Our main products are as follows: 1, Telescope Lens:UHC, UHC-E,CLS,H-Beta,O-III,H-Alpha,UV-IR Blockers, Skyglow filter, Color Filters,UV Lens,Protective Glass 2,Laser Filters: Beamsplitters/half mirrors, 532/650/808 laser filters,905 narrow bandpass filters,RDM,BDM,GDM Dichroic Coating ,Dichroic Filter, color filters, Windows, Laser bar code identification filters, BG39 Optical glass,cover glass 3, Camera Lens: UV-cut filter,UV optical filter,UV Lens,MC-UV Lens,Water-proof Lens,High Anti-Reflective Filters 4, Bandpass Filters: 532 narrow optical filter,650nm band pass filter,808nm bandpass optical filter,850,880,905 Bandpass Filter,Red/Green/Blue filters, Color filter,visible light filter, Emission Filters,UV-IR blocker,IR filter,Long Wave Pass FiltersLong Wave Pass FiltersShort Wave Pass FiltersIR Pass FiltersUV Pass Fi

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